Remodeling, Additions & Rehabbing

Rehabbing & Flipping: Are you in the business of buying foreclosed homes? Don’t allow yourself to think that a professional company can’t compete with the handyman crews you’ve been working with. Our approach to providing competitive pricing is the same in our remodeling/rehabbing business as it is throughout or business: perform the job more efficiently through greater experience and better planning. Eco-Roofers will help you plan your Rehab to get the greatest return on your investment. We have extensive experience dealing with the pitfalls of rejuvenating homes that have become distressed properties. We will work with the community inspectors to comply with all the necessary inspections and checklists. Eco will help you get your property back on the market and/or cash flowing faster.

Remodeling/Additions: Are you planning to spruce up that tired looking kitchen or bathroom? Or maybe you need to add a little extra space but you can’t afford to buy a new home, or you don’t want to leave your neighborhood that you have grown to love. Eco-Roofers can help. Eco has the experience to help you plan the remodeling or addition to your home. We will minimize the disruption to your life during the process by containing our dust and by getting the project completed as fast as possible. You won’t be put in a situation where the job is started and then sits idle without for weeks with Eco. Experience and efficient planning is the key.

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